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Soda blasting with its soluble properties is the environmentally sensible solution of removing ink and other contaminants from the cells or surface of an object without causing any damage to the object being blasted. 

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M-Blast LLC is proud to announce the safety achievement of "A" status with Isnetworld.
M-Blast LLC  is a company based in Michigan that specializes in the cleaning of anilox rolls for the printing industry. M-Blast utilizes a low psi soda blast machine to blast out dried ink that accumulates in the cells of anilox rolls. In the highly competitive environment of printing every successful organization is seeking  the best available methods and procedures to enhance their printing capabilities and overall quality. By routinely cleaning your engraved rolls you help take control of your printing process and provide your team members with the opportunity to produce superb graphics. 
GIVE US A GO ! You won't be disappointed.
* Rolls can be cleaned in or out of press

* Quick service to your schedule

* Low psi blast pressure will not damage roll

* Improve your ink carrying capacity 

* Improve your color density

* Microscopic cell inspections

* Cell volume checks available

* Emergency service available

* Satisfaction guaranteed / Insured

Low overhead and short travel distances equates to your cost savings.

Weekend cleanings are provided at no additional costs!!

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